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10 Popular Asphalt Shingle Colors For Your New Roof

Posted on April 11, 2024

10 Popular Asphalt Shingle Colors For Your New Roof

Choosing the perfect color for your asphalt roof shingles is a crucial decision that can influence your home’s overall look and curb appeal. After all, the shingle color you choose for your roof will allow you to make a statement and make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. 

With many options available, ranging from subtle neutrals to bold shades, choosing a color that matches your style and complements your home’s architecture can be tougher than it sounds. 

But don’t worry, we have you covered. In this blog post, we will discuss the best asphalt shingle colors available so that you can make an informed decision and figure out which one is best for your home. 

#1 Pewter Gray

GAF Timberline HDZ® Shingles: Pewter Gray Shingle
Image Source :

Pewter Gray is one of the most popular gray shades for homes. It is a rich, muted shade of gray with hints of blue and green undertones. When used for shingle colors on roofs, it provides a warm, earthy look that can complement various exterior house colors and styles. 

One advantage of this asphalt shingle color is that since it’s a darker color, it can easily hide fading and discoloration better than lighter colors over time. 

The blue-green undertones in pewter gray allow it to pair well with cool siding colors like blue and green, as well as warmer tones like tans, reds, and browns.

Top Color Options

  • Tamko Heritage® Series: Olde English Pewter
  • GAF Timberline HDZ® Shingles: Pewter Gray

#2 Tan 

Atlas Pinnacle Pristine: Pristine Tan Shingle
Image Source:

Tan asphalt shingles offer a versatile and warm base that pairs beautifully with a variety of trim and siding options. A classic combination of a tan roof with white trim and siding creates a crisp, contrasting look suitable for both traditional and modern styles. 

Top Color Options

  • Atlas Pinnacle Pristine: Pristine Tan
  • GAF Royal Sovereign®: Cypress Tan

#3  Brown

TAMKO Heritage® Series: Weathered Wood
Image Source:

This asphalt shingle color pairs harmoniously with natural landscaping and also looks perfect if you have light-colored siding and trim. If you’re looking for design options that are little more upscale, you can also pair a brown roof with brick and stone siding.  

Top Color Options

  • IKO Nordic™: Brownstone 
  • TAMKO Heritage® Series: Weathered Wood

#4 Black 

TAMKO Heritage® Series: Rustic Black
Image Source:

Throughout the years, black shingles have ruled the market. This is a safe choice, thanks to their modern aesthetic that pairs well with contemporary home styles. Unlike some shingle blends, solid black shingles maintain a uniform, unblemished color across the entire roof surface for a seamless look from the curb. The color also tends to show less fading over time.

One of the reasons why homeowners go for black asphalt shingles is their versatility. This asphalt shingle color will be perfect for you if you have light exterior colors like white, gray, or cream siding. 

Top Color Options

  • TAMKO Heritage® Series: Rustic Black
  • Malarkey Vista®: Midnight Black

#5 Charcoal Gray 

TAMKO Heritage® Vintage® : Charcoal
Image Source:

If you find the black shingle color too bold for your roof, you can opt for charcoal gray instead. It has a deep, smoky tone that is a shade darker than standard gray. This depth of color gives the roof dimension and presence without being too bold.

While modern in style, the rich charcoal tone also creates a timeless, classic appearance that won’t feel dated in just a few years as other trendier colors may.

Charcoal gray asphalt shingle colors also complement a wide range of exterior colors, from cream vinyl siding to warm earth tones like brown and terracotta. This versatility allows flexibility in design.

Top Color Options

  • TAMKO Heritage® Vintage® : Charcoal
  • GAF Timberline HDZ®: Charcoal

#6 Blue

IKO Dynasty® in Atlantic Blue
Image Source:

The next asphalt shingle color on our list is blue. It is a cool refreshing color that you won’t commonly find on homes, making it stand out in a neighborhood full of grays, browns, and blacks. 

As a lighter shade, blue asphalt shingles function as a soft, muted backdrop that allows other design elements like landscaping, or architectural details, to take center stage.

For a house with blue siding or blue shutters, using blue shingles can make the home look monochromatic from the roof to the walls.

Top Color Options

  • IKO Dynasty® in Atlantic Blue
  • Atlas Pinnacle® Sun Shingles: Cool Surf

#7 Green 

TAMKO Titan XT® : Rustic Evergreen
Image Source:

A green asphalt roof shingle color provides a fresh, natural look to your home’s roofline. This earthy color allows the roof to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping and trees. It can also add a refreshing pop of color that makes your home stand out and attract the eye of potential buyers. 

Though there are not as many roof color combinations with green as we saw with others on our list, some do stand out. A dark green shingle roof will perfectly complement white or beige exterior siding.  

Also, a green roof looks great if you’ve installed wood shake siding, or have a farmhouse-style property. 

Top Color Options

  • GAF Timberline HDZ® : Hunter Green
  • TAMKO Titan XT® : Rustic Evergreen

#8 Red

Many may feel that red is a flashy color, but that’s just what some homeowners want. It’s prominent and bold, drawing the eyes of other people, and giving your home major curb appeal and presence in your neighborhood. 

This shingle color adds a warm and rustic charm that brings together different design elements into one cohesive style, creating an exterior full of character.

When you combine red roofs with neutral siding colors like grays, tans, or whites, it creates a striking contrast in color. 

Top Color Options

  • GAF Timberline HDZ®: Patriot Red
  • Owens Corning Supreme® : Spanish Red

#9 Desert Sand 

Owens Corning Oakridge®: Desert Tan
Image Source:

Desert Sand is a warm and earthy color, evoking the natural tone found in sandy desert landscapes. It typically has a neutral base with subtle undertones of yellow, beige, and tan. 

This asphalt shingle roof color blends seamlessly with its surroundings, complementing landscaping features such as stone, wood, and greenery. It pairs harmoniously with earth tones too, such as forest green and sage green, while also providing a striking contrast against darker tones like gray or blue.

Top Color Options

  • Owens Corning Oakridge®: Desert Tan
  • TAMKO Titan XT® : Painted Desert

#10 Midnight Plum

The Midnight Plum asphalt shingle roof color is a new and trending option in the roofing industry. While many homeowners opt for more muted, neutral tones like grays or browns, the Midnight Plum shade brings a bold and vibrant element to a home’s exterior. The color features a subtle blend of purple and black tones, creating a captivating visual effect that adds depth and character to any home’s exterior. As a newer trend on the market, you’ll only find this shingle color offered by Owens Corning, as it was categorized as the company’s 2023 Shingle Color of the Year. 

Top Color Options

  • Owens Corning’s TruDefinition® Duration® :Midnight Plum 

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